Surprise, We’re Going To Disney World!

5 Ways To Surprise Kids With A Trip to Disney World

When it comes to planning a trip to Walt Disney World, there are many things to take care of but one of the most fun is telling kids, “Surprise we’re going to Disney World!”

From simple notes to Disney Surprise Boxes shipped to your door, we have compiled a list of the most fun surprise Disney trip reveal ideas.

1) Disney Surprise Box shipped to your home!

Would you like to press the ultimate easy button? With our Disney surprise boxes, all you need to do is order and open!

Here at Magical Vacation Services, we have a few options perfect to announce a surprise trip to Disney World. From simple to extravagant, we offer many options that can be added to and customized just for your special reveal!

With surprise boxes geared toward the Minnie Ear lover in your group, the Disney snack lover, or your Dinsey adult vacation (which includes custom engraved wine tumblers!). You are sure to find a surprise box that is the perfect fit!

We even have a surprise box for Disney Cruises.

Surprise your kids, friends, or family with a box full of fun Disney Treats shipped directly to them to let them know about their magical trip coming up.

Each box is hand packed with the snack package you choose and shipped in a white box, not revealing your announcement until the box is opened. Y

our order also includes up to four announcement cards, personalized with your destination, names, and whichever additional details you would like to include.

2) Have a cricut cutting machine? This pop-up box not is only a surprise, but surprising!

If you own a Cricut or Silhouette cutting machine, this one is a fun and pretty affordable one!

Utilizing this easy file, you can create this popping box that will pop out and announce anything you would like it to! I found this file on Etsy, made it, and was amazed with the results!

It does take a bit of skill, but if you have had your machine for any amount of time, you should be able to conquer this amazing project.

The files are available on Etsy for a small fee and are linked through the button below.

Download the Popping Box File

3) Have your kids do a Disney Scavenger Hunt!

What a better way to surprise kids with a trip to Disney World than to have them discover it themselves through a scavenger hunt that you set up!

Next Page with Meg is a creative services business specializing in story-inspired offerings. The main offerings are scavenger hunts, known as Story Hunts around here with options before, during, or after a vacation.

At Home Hunts are done wherever and whenever you’d like. They can be the beginning of a vacation reveal, with a Letter Bundle as the perfect ending. No vacation planned? No problem!

These hunts are great activities for a party or a fun afternoon.

Letter Bundles bring magic to life with themed correspondence for you and your family. All Letter Bundles include personalized letters on themed stationery and other surprises.

They are great for revealing an upcoming trip or helping highlight a beloved tradition!

Story Hunts are imaginative, interactive scavenger hunts celebrating details and revealing overlooked story elements. Story Hunts are suitable for groups of all ages, mobility, and most levels of knowledge.

They are available as Digital Downloads and Storybook Boxes – each with clues and a hunt structure unique to their type. Choose from select destinations, including Walt Disney World theme parks, Disney Resorts, Disney Springs, Disney Cruise Line, Disney’s Vero Beach Resort, and Universal Orlando Resort, with more locations coming soon!

Whether your vacation spot is your family’s go-to or you are first-time visitors, you’ll discover new magic with every clue!

Check out Next Page with Meg

4) Disney Countdown Calendar

Whether it is a calendar that you surprise kids with by hanging it on the wall unexpectedly or by showing them a countdown on your phone, there are lots of countdown options to use with your kids, friends, or family to anticipate your upcoming trip.

WDW Prep School offers a unique and FREE countdown calendar through Pinterest here.

Amazon offers a countdown calendar through The Creative Countdown Store here. This is a fun and innovative way to get your kids involved in a daily countdown. This product consists of a page-a-day rip-off calendar that counts down the days from 60 to your trip.

Another great cost-effective way to surprise your kids and count down to your trip is a paper chain. This is a great way visual way to help your kids understand time and shows them exactly how many days they have to go to their big trip!

Follow  for more great tips for toddlers

5) Pack their suitcase! (don’t forget the Disney merch)

A last-minute surprise would be to just pack their suitcase and present it to your kids.

Then include different Disney items to help announce the trip!

If you need anything to help with the announcement, such as Disney World merchandise, please let us know, we will be happy to find what you need!

I found an amazing article by the Disney Trippers that mirrored these suggestions and more here. Check out this article for more ideas on how to surprise your kids with a trip to Disney World!

Please let us know if you can help you with these or any other surprises to make your vacation (or leading up to your vacation, even more magical!)

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