Alcohol Delivery

Order alcohol to be delivered to a guest or added on to your grocery order.

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Alcohol needs to be ordered and paid through Total Wine and More, a local store that has an expansive selection of wines and spirits.

Please follow the directions below to order your alcohol to be included in your delivery.

Too early to order from Total Wine? No problem, please add the alcohol delivery to your order to ensure that everything will be delivered together.

This Service is intended for grocery orders with alcohol.

It might be more cost effective ordering from an alcohol only delivery service if you are ordering only alcohol. That being said, we are happy to deliver alcohol only deliveries submitted.

You will receive he same benefits and as much care will be taken with your alcohol delivery as with our full grocery deliveries.

Step 1

Go to Total Wine and More to place your order.

Step 2

  • Select your beverages and place them in your cart. The Pickup Location will be Orlando (Millenia Plaza), FL. Select the In-Store Pickup Option.
  • Choose the day before your arrival, anytime after noon for pickup will work.
  • Under the “Who is Picking up this order?” section, please place:

Name: Scott Connors
Phone: 407-907-2938
Placing the email in the field will allow me to receive a copy of the pickup email which will make it easier for the store.

  • Complete the purchase.
  • Please email me a picture of your ID to the email above. I need it when I pick up your alcohol.

Step 3

Please add the appropriate alcohol service to your order. 

All orders that include alcohol must be met in person for drop off. Please schedule your drop off within our regular delivery times, variations can be made, please reach out via email, phone, or messenger to discuss various options.

Reach out if you have any questions or concerns on the process. 

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After you schedule your grocery delivery date, close this window and place your order.

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