Disney World Grocery Delivery

Have Groceries Delivered To Your Orlando Area Resort

Step 1: Order Your Groceries

Step 2: Schedule Your Delivery

Step 3: Enjoy Your Vacation!

Thanks for considering our service for a hassle-free and magical vacation! We provide easy and quick grocery delivery to help you start your vacation on the right foot.

Planning for Disney World Grocery Delivery can be overwhelming.

Whether you are staying at Disney’s Pop Century Resort, Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort, The Walt Disney World Swan or Dolphin, or any other resort in the Orlando area, Magical Vacation Services is here to assist you in creating a grocery list that caters to your specific needs.

We offer multiple ways to shop and simplify the delivery process.

You can choose from our all-inclusive Grocery Delivery Packages or create a Custom Grocery List that includes alcohol.

We will deliver your groceries to the Bell Services of your Disney Resort, making it convenient for you to pick them up whenever you want.

We have added new items to our store, including shipped items, gift boxes, personalized merchandise to commemorate your vacation, and more.

Please note that we do not ship groceries and cannot hand-deliver them outside of the Orlando Tourist Area.

general grocery shopping bag filled with food

Order your Groceries

We offer several different ways to shop:

  • Grocery List Package Shopping – Convenient packages that let you add everything you need in just a few clicks.
  • Individual Items – We have the most popular and requested items listed on our website for easy purchase. Just add them to your cart.
  • Custom Lists – Submit a custom list with exactly the items that you need.
  • Alcohol Ordering – We partner with a local store, Total Wine and More, to fulfill your Wine and Spirit needs. Information on how to order.

All of these shopping methods can be mixed and matched to meet your needs.

Your Arrival Day!

Receive your groceries and start your magical vacation!

Your items will be delivered within your delivery window. Receiving your order will depend on where you are stayng:

  • Walt Disney World Resort Hotels – Your items will be securely left with your resort’s Bell Services.
  • Universal Orlando Resort Hotels – These resorts do not store grocery items for their guests, therefore a time will be agreed upon to meet for drop off, arrival time will be taken into consideration.
  • Other Resorts and Villas – Depending on your resort’s accommodations, items may be left or a meeting time may need to be agreed upon, arrival time will be taken into consideration.


How Do I Receive My Groceries?

It depends on the resort, here is a basic explanation:

Disney owned and operated Resorts on WDW Property

Groceries can be stored with Bell Services. All Bell Services Areas at WDW have freezers, refrigerators, and shelving to hold your items. When you arrive, or are ready for your items, you can either pick them up with Bell Services or ask for them to be delivered.

A fee may apply for the delivery depending on the resort. Disney has rules against items being delivered directly to the rooms by outside companies, however, we are happy to help if we are escorted to the room by the guest.

Lowe’s and Universal Orlando Resorts within Universal Orlando

You must pick them up from the delivery personnel in person. These resorts will not hold any groceries for their guests. A time must be arranged to meet in the lobby and we will be happy to assist with getting items to your room if escorted by a guest.

For Private Vacation Homes and Villas

The drop off will usually need to be in person. When you place your order, please designate an approximate time and once it gets closer we can fine tune the meeting time based on the day’s circumstances for both our workload and your travel day.

All other resorts in the Central Florida Area have various policies.

Either prior to, or once you place your order, we will make contact with the resort and find out what their policy is and we can go from there as to how you will receive your groceries.


Courtney Roberts
March 17, 2024

Excellent experience! Scott was very prompt with communication and provided the exact items I needed. Very easy to place an order. And confirmation after delivery was prompt and simple. Would 100% use again!

Rozlynn Desilets
March 13, 2024

I highly recommend Magical Vacation Services’ personal shopping service! Communication with Scott was excellent, and the exact requested items were shipped promptly! Very reasonable shopping fees, too. Thank you!

Tara Sciortino
January 12, 2024

My mom lost an item while at WDW, Magical Vacation Services found the item in store and will be shipping to me, so I can surprise my mom. Thank you for taking good care of me and finding this item. I am forever grateful. Next trip we will be buying some groceries for sure, because we didn't this past trip and regretted it. Thank you again for all of your help.

Seana Beard
June 14, 2023

This is my go to service to provide that “something special” for all of my clients traveling to the Walt Disney World resort. I really can not RAVE enough. I have loved working with Scott who is so attentive and puts great care into the gifts he prepares!

Anna Brantley Callaway
May 6, 2023

AMAZING customer service! Scott has come to my rescue on many occasions! Super reliable and so quick to respond! I can’t say enough good things!

Debra McCarthy Poitras
December 29, 2022

I will be using this service again and recommending to all my clients. Excellent communication from Scott and amazing customer service after client’s cancellation. Magical indeed!👏🏻

Kacie Matte
December 1, 2022

Scott exceeded my expectations with the recent gift basket order. Thanks for great service!

Summer Jackman
October 18, 2022

Scott went above and beyond to make sure everything was taken care of when my clients couldn't find their package at the resort. So grateful for his help and kindness! Thank you! Will definitely be using Magical Vacation Services, LLC again!

Let’s get Started!

See our packages or order individual grocery items.

Please read the description as to what is included in the package. Brands and number of items may not be correctly reflected in the picture. It is there just to give you an idea of what is included. Due to changes in brands, availability, and price may affect what is included. The description will always reflect what comes in the package.






Grocery Delivery FAQ

How does the grocery service work?

We have several ways for you to order your groceries for your upcoming “Magical” Vacation here in Central Florida! All ways can be mixed and matched then added to your cart to meet any grocery needs that you may have.

All Inclusive Packages

This option is a one-stop-shop for all your grocery needs while on vacation. Choose from a variety of package options from quick breakfast options that you can grab on the way to a fun filled day at the park, to full breakfast components for those that have a full kitchen.

Individual Items

We have over 100 individual items that you are able to add to your cart for delivery. Most of the items that are included in our packages are available on an individual basis on our site. You are able to add multiple of each item to purchase what you need.

Custom Lists

Our third way to order is a custom list option. This way you can create a list and designate exactly what you would like delivered to your resort, rental home, or villa. There is a non-refundable deposit upon ordering and it will be credited to you on your invoice.

If I submit an order through a store (Publix, Walmart, BJ’s) could you just pick it up and deliver it to me?

Unfortunately, no, this is not a service that we offer. The reason is if we do not do the shopping we cannot ensure that you are getting products that meet our high standards. We choose items that are as free from cosmetic imperfections as possible, not past the “best by” date, and produce that is blemish free.

We also want to ensure that you receive your entire order and store shoppers do not always include each and every item.

We strive to offer a top notch experience for our guests and to provide the most excellent service possible.

I see that you are not available on Sunday or Wednesday for delivery, why not?

I learned early on that I need some time with my family as well as time to work on backend business tasks. Therefore, I have blocked off both Sundays and Wednesdays from my availability.

We have had a lot of luck at Disney Resorts with dropping off late the evening before and everything is all set for the next day when you arrive for pickup.

Exceptions can be made, please contact us to talk about your specific situation.

What is the cost for delivery?

Delivery costs are based on the service you choose

  • Orders directly from the website: $25
  • Custom List Orders priced out, invoiced, and delivered: $30

Do you deliver alcohol?

Yes we do! Check it out here.

A $10 pickup fee does apply which helps to offset cost of the pickup and administration of this service. There is no up-charge on the alcohol. What the store charges, you pay through their website, no additional cost from our service.

Can you ship groceries?

At this time, we do not ship groceries. If you submit your order intending for it to be shipped to your house, your order will immediately be cancelled.


Will bell services hold my groceries?

It depends on where you are staying.

  • At WDW owned and operated resorts, yes, they will. All WDW resorts have refrigerators, freezers, and shelving to hold any items that you order.
  • At Universal Resorts, they do not hold groceries, so a meeting time must be arranged for drop off.
  • At other Resorts, it depends on the hotel or resort, please inquire and we can arrange drop off appropriate for the resort.

We really like a certain brand of water, could you get that for us?

Most brands of water are available in our area.

Nestle markets their various brands of spring water differently in different regions of the country. In Florida, we have Zephryhills Spring Water. There is a slight exception for Poland Spring, which is sold at BJ’s Warehouse here but only comes in a pack of 40 bottles. Please see the individual products for brand availability.

We offer Zephyrhills, Poland Springs, Nestle Pure Life, Aquafina, Dasani, and Store Brands.

Do you have a minimum order amount?

No, we do not have any minimums, please feel free to order as little or as much as you would like.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes, you can cancel your order up to 24 hours in advance and will be provided a full refund, if your items have been shopped for, you will receive a 50% refund.

If your order is a Custom List, you will be provided a refund, less the initial deposit for the research and creation of your invoice.

Can you pick up Gideon’s Bakehouse Cookies for me?

I am sorry, but I am no longer able to ship or deliver Gideon’s cookies as per their request. I am genuinely sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. I understand how disappointing it must be not to be able to have Gideon’s cookies shipped or delivered.

Unfortunately, I was recently informed by the owner of Gideon’s that they do not allow this service and have even threatened legal action if I continue. I would love to continue helping, but I cannot risk any legal trouble. If you have any further concerns or questions about this matter, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Gideon’s Bakehouse directly.

Again, I apologize for any disappointment or frustration this may have caused.


What are your shopping options?


We basically shop anywhere you need us to to find your specific items. As a general rule, we shop at and base our prices on Publix. They are a pretty middle of the road supermarket, that was founded in Winter Haven, Florida, but has expanded across the southeast.

They are known for the quality of their store brand items, cleanliness of their stores, and willingness of their employees help you to find what you need. Their stocking is impeccable and will have what you are looking for most of the time.

Whole Foods & Sprouts

We can also shop if requested at specific specialty “health food” type supermarkets in the area. 

Please know that the products from these stores are usually more expensive than other brands and your items will be priced accordingly.


We sometimes get asked if we shop at Walmart. We know they offer good prices and that is a great option for family food shopping. When you shop at Walmart and they are out of something for your family, you choose something else or wait until your next trip there.

Walmart’s stocking in our area is just not up to standard where they are an option for list fulfillment shopping.

Not only are their locations much more sparse than Publix, but in order to find an entire list of items, three to four Walmarts needs to be visited.

Due to this case, Walmart is not an option unless specifically requested. In that case, agreements may be made that if the item is not in stock, the item will not be provided and a refund will be given, or if it needs to be purchased somewhere else, the difference will need to be paid.

Update: Due to the rising cost of groceries, I have switched to purchasing generic pantry items at Walmart. Milk is a perfect example, one gallon of milk is currently $5.31 at Publix where it is about $4.67 at Walmart (current, will fluctuate).

Let’s get Started!

See our packages or order individual grocery items.

Please read the description as to what is included in the package. Brands and number of items may not be correctly reflected in the picture. It is there just to give you an idea of what is included. Due to changes in brands, availability, and price may affect what is included. The description will always reflect what comes in the package.

Schedule Your Grocery Delivery

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