Custom Grocery Delivery Service

It’s easy, simple, and we strive to exceed your custom grocery needs!

1 – Add the Custom List option to your cart.

2 – Please add your order to the Additional Notes section during checkout.

This $15 deposit will be credited towards your final invoice if your list is submitted prior to 72 hours before your delivery.

Deposits are kept for late submissions as a rush fee or in the event of a cancellation. Delivery fees to all vacation accommodations are $30 for the first 50 items, and $15 dollars for each line item up to 50. Example: an order of 150 items would be $70 for invoicing, shopping, and delivery.

Within five days of your arrival date you will receive an invoice for the items on your list. Once you receive your invoice, please look it over carefully to ensure that everything is what you intend to order, items are the correct size, and we will be delivering everything you need.

Please feel free to make any changes necessary to make your list perfect!

Please note: Custom orders submitted after 72 hours before arrival will not have the deposit credited on your invoice.

Please pay your invoice prior to arrival so that your delivery is not delayed and we have ample time to shop for your items.

Your items will be delivered on the date you select to your resort and ready for you to enjoy doing your vacation!

Custom List

Custom List

All owned and operated Walt Disney World Resorts accept groceries and have refrigerators, freezers, and shelving ...

Schedule Your Grocery Delivery

After you schedule your grocery delivery date, close this window and place your order.

Schedule Your Gift Delivery

After you schedule your gift delivery date, close this window and place your order.

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