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Buying Snacks vs. Bringing Your Own, Save Money At Disney World

Snacking at Disney World or other theme parks is a must. You’re there all day, it’s hot, the lines can be long, and we all know that kids need regular food to keep them going. What’s the best way to approach snacking when you’re in the parks all day? Let’s address some questions such as the cost of snacks at Disney World, whether you can bring food into Disney World, and if it’s possible to save money at the theme parks with snacks.

Let’s Start With the Basics: Bottled Water

Water is a great place to start! Everyone drinks it, and the heat in Orlando can be pretty brutal. Staying hydrated outdoors is necessary all year long, but especially in the summer. Water is an item that is priced wildly different inside the theme parks, so let’s see how they compare.

Let’s start with how many bottles you need. To have a baseline, doctors and nutritionists recommend that you drink 64 oz of water each day. Some folks drink more, some drink less, but we can use this as a baseline.

Water Is Available in the Theme Parks

If you are in the parks for five days, let’s say you need about four bottles of water for each person. If you are a family of four for five days, you would need a total of twenty bottles per day, which amounts to one hundred bottles of water for the entire trip.

Theme park water prices can vary, so let’s just look at prices from the two most popular: Disney World and Universal Orlando.

Disney World charges $3.75 for a single bottle of Dasani Bottled Water (20 oz). Universal Orlando sells Niagra Premium Water (20 oz) for a total of $6.00 after tax. These prices are at the time of publication, so they may vary for your visit.

For that family of four, purchasing only water for the entire trip would cost $375.00 at Disney World and $600.00 at Universal Orlando.

If you were to purchase your own bottled water and have it delivered directly to your resort, you would save a significant amount of money. As an example, with Dasani, you would need approximately four 24-packs, which would cost you a total of $54.72 including the delivery fee. This is a savings of over $320 at Disney World and $545 at Universal. The delivery fee is one-time, so just imagine how much more you could save on additional snacks!

Now, there are ways to get around this, such as asking for water or bringing your own refillable bottle, but this is just an example of how much you can save.

Let’s Talk About Snacks in the Parks – Save Money!

Snacks at Disney World

Specialty snacks at Disney World and Universal Orlando are among the best you can get. Delicious Disney cupcakes, seasonal drink concoctions, and who can forget Butterbeer at the Wizarding World! These amazing treats can add up; however, you can save money for these by bringing your own regular snacks with you.

Let’s do a quick comparison with something that most people love: potato chips. The Liberty Square Market at the Magic Kingdom offers bags of Lay’s snacks, such as potato chips and Doritos. A single bag of 1.5 oz Classic Lays is priced at $3.29. If you bring your own from our service, that price goes down to only $1.00 per bag at the most expensive way to order, as part of a bundle the price goes down. If you were to buy two, you would only spend $2.00 and still have more to enjoy than the park version, saving $1.29. Fresh fruit is similarly priced high at $2.29 for an apple or banana. These could cost you only pennies if you just tossed them into a bag and brought them with you. That way, you have some extra spending money for that Mickey soft pretzel, Turkey Leg, or new Shrek Waffle Sandwich (You have to try these new treats at Universal Orlando!).

How Magical Vacation Services Can Help: Our Service!

At Magical Vacation Services, we are wholeheartedly committed to helping you save money during your Orlando visit while delivering exceptional service at a great value. Our snack selection features an array of beloved treats such as individual bags of chips, pretzels, cookies, crackers, cheese crisps, water, juice boxes, and much more! Whether you’re at Disney World or Universal Orlando, we’re here to fulfill all your grocery needs, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for you and your family.

We have a fantastic and cost-effective option called the Roller Coaster Goer Pack, which offers you over 70 items to take into the park with you for one low price. Items include an assortment of chips, pretzels, waters, juice boxes, raisins, and much more. Just one click and everything is added to your cart and delivered to you for your stay.

Can I take snacks into Disney World? Yes, absolutely, and as you can see, it can save you lots of money that you can use for other experiences and treats during your stay.

Are you ready to make your next vacation truly magical? At Magical Vacation Services, we are dedicated to enhancing your experience every step of the way. Whether it’s providing groceries or arranging special gifts to make your arrival unforgettable, we are here to assist you. Let us know how we can make your dream vacation a reality today!

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