Universal Parks Popcorn Bucket and/or Cup


This is a gift that keeps on giving! Gift your guests a Universal Orlando Popcorn Bucket that they can take with them to the parks and purchase discounted popcorn. The bucket is good for their length of stay and works at both Universal Orlando Theme Parks.

The bucket will be purchased prior to your guest’s arrival so the design may very but will be the current iteration that is currently being sold at Universal Orlando.

The bucket also comes filled with some treats to start their vacation off:

  • 1 bag of Popcornopolis Popcorn, various flavors

  • 2 Lay’s Snacks

  • 5 Mini Candies

  • A card explaining that they are able to use this bucket to receive discounted popcorn refills

The Universal Orlando Freestyle Cup comes with 1 days activation for all day drinking at Universal Orlando Theme Parks. Your guest may add additional days after the initial use. There are two versions available, the standard cup and an upgraded Veloscicoaster Version.

The Cup comes filled with treats for your guests to enjoy:

  • 2 Nabisco Cookie Packs

  • 8 Mini Candies

The bucket and cup are available individually as well as as a combo.


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