Disney Resort Refillable Mug and Treats


Gift a Disney Resort refillable mug to your guest’s for their stay. Mugs are activated for two weeks so they will be good for your guest’s entire stay! The mug will be the current Walt Disney World Resorts design.

The mug comes compete filled with fun size candy bars, a Disney Character twisty straw, a card explaining the refillable mug, and wrapped with a bow.

***Please note that the refillable mugs are NOT valid in the Walt Disney World Theme Parks.

Depending the number of mugs you need, there are several options available.

The single mugs includes the mug, candy, straw, wrapping, card, and delivery. Each additional mug options include the charge for the extra mug, straw, and candy only.

This gift if one of very few that is non-refundable 24 hour prior to delivery. If your guest cancels, please inform us ASAP and prior to the gift delivery. Disney’s resort mugs are date based (day of purchase plus 2 weeks) so there is no way they can be reused, therefore, if they are purchased the gift cannot be refunded.


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