The Ultimate Grocery List For Your Disney World Vacation

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We understand that when you’re on vacation, expenses can add up quickly. That’s why we want to help you make the most out of your budget by providing you with some tips on how to save money on groceries.

We know that groceries are a necessary expense, but we also know that buying them at tourist spots can be quite expensive. That’s where we come in – we want to help you make smart choices by letting you know what you can buy at the resorts and parks versus what you should be purchasing at the grocery stores.

Whether you decide to use our delivery service or our helpful shopping list, we’re here to make the process as seamless as possible. We hope that our assistance will make your vacation even more enjoyable.

What is available?

When visiting tourist areas, you might find it convenient to buy groceries at the resorts’ merchandise shops. However, it is essential to know that the selection of items is limited, and the prices are significantly higher than those in regular grocery stores.

You can expect to find basic items such as bread, milk, snacks, and peanut butter. For example, a 16 oz. jar of Jif Peanut Butter costs around $3.70 at Publix, while Disney Resorts sell a smaller 12 oz. jar for $4.19.

Although the price difference may not seem significant for a single item, it can add up if you have a long grocery list.

Therefore, it’s advisable to buy your groceries from a regular store to save a considerable amount of money.

It is important to note that the food options and varieties available at resorts can be limited. This could pose a challenge for those with special dietary needs.

If you require a specific type of food due to dietary restrictions or preferences, it is advisable to either send out for groceries or pick them up on the way from the airport.

This will ensure that you have access to the food items that meet your requirements and preferences. Typically, resorts offer only one variety of each food item, which may not cater to your specific needs.

Therefore, planning ahead and making arrangements for your dietary needs can help to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay at the resort or visit to the parks!

What should you buy, the perfect grocery list for Disney World!

When it comes to grocery shopping, it’s important to consider your personal tastes and needs. Shopping locally at a grocery store can be advantageous as you can purchase exactly what you need.

By shopping at a local store or ordering through us, you have access to the entire store (and several others) at your fingertips. This means you can get pretty much anything that you typically eat at home.

One way to save money on snacks during a trip to the park is to purchase or order national brand items that you can take with you, such as potato chips, pretzels, and bottled soft drinks.

These snacks can be enjoyed in the park or kept in your room and ready when you need them.

By doing this, you can save money on regular snacks at the park, such as chips, and instead use that money to purchase park-specific treats like a Mickey ice cream bar or a cup of Butterbeer.

By purchasing regular snacks at a reasonable price, you can have more money to spend on the park-specific treats that are Instagram-worthy!

Use our handy list!

We have crafted an essential list to help you get everything you need during your stay! You can rely on this free list to create your grocery list easily and customize it to ensure you don’t miss out on anything.

You will have your list ready in no time, and you can order through our website for delivery, or take it with you to Publix on your way to the resort with confidence.

Make it easy, let us do your shopping for you!

We understand how important it is for you to make the most of your vacation time. That’s why we offer a unique service to help you with your shopping needs. Our shopping service includes everything from groceries to toiletries, and more.

Once you have made your shopping list, we will take care of everything for you. We will carefully select and purchase all of the items on your list, ensuring that you get exactly what you need.

We will then conveniently deliver all of your purchases directly to your resort, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Imagine the convenience of starting your vacation with all of your shopping already taken care of.

Let us help make your vacation even more magical.

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